Death of a Nameless (5/5)

In your former life, you didn’t adhere to a religion, and you’re glad that you never did. Now, you realize that no one knows what happens after death. You wander through the worn-out paths of your former life, following your old daily routine. It’s the familiarity that comforts you in this unfamiliar way of existence.

But eventually, you start to fade out, and you’re pulled into another plane of existence. The first thing you feel is a sense of tranquility. And then…warmth. You’re curled up in a shell. You can’t open your eyes yet, but you feel safe and protected in this cocooning warmth. You hear your heartbeat, and then someone else’s heartbeat. Then next thing you faintly recognize is a sweet sound of humming. You realize that the song is for you. The humming offers comfort; lulling you to sleep as it gently rocks you.

You’re not in the shell for long. Soon, you feel a sudden agony as your body is forcibly pushed out. At first, a bright light stings your eyes, but slowly you open them again. And there, right in front of you, is the tender face of a woman smiling at you. She cradles and kisses you. With a fiercely protective hug, she pours her tears onto you. Yes, she is a stranger. And yet, she seems so familiar.

Memories of your former life soon begin to blur, like a painting thrown out into the sea. The colors fade, and the canvas deteriorates. You can’t recall your old name. You wonder where you used to live, and what kind of people once surrounded you.

You cry, desperately wanting to cling a little longer to your old life. But the woman’s voice soothes you. She tells you that it’s all right. And then, once again, she hums. It’s that same soothing tune that you heard her hum while you were in the shell.

You are given a new name and a new home.

This is your new life.

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Cyndi Gacosta

Cyndi Gacosta

I like to write horror and surreal stories, as well as poetry. Twitter: @ckgacosta Webite: